sing your knowledge of E-Commerce and your HTML knowledge, create an E-Commerce website for a product of your choice. Follow the steps below and research the following areas as necessary. Good planning will lead to good results!

1. Pick a Product
Pick a product type or line (ie. books, electronics, CD’s, DVD’s, bikes, shoes, clothes, etc.) that you would like to sell online. Remember to keep in mind which products are most likely to be sold in an online retail environment. Research the range of items you wish to sell and the possible sale prices you can foresee for these products. Find and store pictures, prices and other information about your products for use in your website.

Soccer store
Where to Start:
Online Purchases by Canadians: http://www.statcan.gc.ca/pub/88f0006x/2009005/t001-eng.htm
Disadvantages of Online Business:http://www.powerhomebiz.com/vol90/disadvantages.htm

To Hand in Before Step 2
• Post a response outlining which product you wish to sell and the reason why. Only one person per product type is allowed.

2. Decide on Payment Methods: What payment methods are available – how will your customers pay?  Paypal- MasterCard

Paypal is very popular and secure. With your bank or credit card you can set up an account and make easy secure payments. If you do not want Paypal and dont trust it, you can try to do it on your own and send it your credit information through master card.

 How much will an online payment service cost you?

Paypal is $35 a month, and MasterCard will be free as long as I use it enough, only the one paying me will have to pay any fee.

How are you going to report this to your customers?

I will have logos of Paypal and MasterCard on every page, as well as advertising what we accept. Also when you try to make a payment it will be on the purchasing page and you must fill out which one you have. Before purchasing you must confirm on information about which method you have and are using.

Where to Start:

3. Decide on Shipping Methods and Costs:  How will you get your product to your customers – what are your options?
Research how you will ship your products. How much does a parcel containing a paperback book or a CD or your product weigh?

A paperback book weighing 5 ounces will cost 2.41$, 1 pound would b 2.53$ and about 2 pounds would be 2.98$

How much will it cost to ship one item?


Above $200 – regular shipping, will have a set rate (per item) that will arrive through ordinary mail by way of Purolater in approx 4 buisness days.

British Columbia

Purolator Ground Base Cost $29.10

Declared Value Surcharge $4.50

Fuel Surcharge $3.93

GST/HST $1.88


Or you can get premium shipping with extra packaging and will get there faster by the end of the next day, this will have what ever the rate of regular shipping is plus $15 because of packaging, with an option of placing insurance on the item for $10.

Purolator Express Base Cost= $34.55

Declared Value Surcharge= $4.50

Fuel Surcharge= $4.66

GST/HST =$2.19

Packagaing= 15


Below $200 – what ever the regular shipping cost is from Purolater to ship. No premium shipping.

Purolator Express( approx $100) Base Cost $34.55

Fuel Surcharge $4.66

GST/HST $1.96


Out of Canada – will have either options of under or over $200, but an added $10, plus (depending on distance) extra fees.


Purolator Express U.S. Base Cost $58.15

Fuel Surcharge $7.85

Company Charge $10


Purolator Ground U.S. Base Cost $21.15

Fuel Surcharge $2.86

Company charge $10


What other shipping costs are there?

Duty, will be paid by customers if any apply. Depending on the amount being shipped, weight may be an issue as well as size, but each item must be ordered separately and will be shipped separately. So this will no be an issue, just more boxes and items being shipped to one place if a lot get ordered, they will just pay for each Separately.

How are your going to report this to your customers?

This will be on the same page as the purchasing of the item, right after you choose your method of payment, you must fill out your shipping method.
Where to Start:


4. Decide on how you would like to setup your website:  What do you like in a website, what will you include in yours?
Research what you like or dislike in websites and setup a ‘site map’ of pages for your website. Before you design your own eCommerce web site you need to consider each element of the web design.
Where to Start:
A) Find an eCommerce site that sells your proposed product (or a product similar) and review their setup
B) Answer the following questions:
1. What makes a good e-business web site?

One that is very detailed. Has multiple pages that are easy to navigate through, buy anything you want , and find anything you need. An attractive website can keep people on your page as well as make them want to there and look. An updated website, not an old or not kept up website will be very bad and people will get angry.

2. What makes a bad web site

One page, hard to work, not easy to navigate. Old website, not updated in years, no new products or prices.

3. Keeping your answers to question 1 and 2 above in mind, answer the following questions for your website
a) For your eCommerce website, what is/are the:
• goals of the site= to get people to buy my products and notice my business.
level of consistency you require –  main colors will be blue and white. will have a home, products, purchase/shipping page, about Soccerworld
target audience(s) for the site – I want the site to be seen as a high end soccer store, only offering the best of the best of equiupment for professionals to get deals and for youth to know where to always get the best at the best price.
• site navigation methods= A table containing link to all pages at the top of every page
graphics= I will have a logo, and put it on every page. I will also have videos on my home page, advertising products and soccer.
• other considerations?

Write a short report of all your web design decisions. This report sets the design for the site and serves as the guide for the creation of all the pages in the site.

I will have a table of contents at the top of every page so you can easily navigate to everypage throughout the whole site. I will have videos advertising the products. I will have an easy to use and pay “purchasing” section and very affordable and great shipping services. I will have all my products on one page describing each one and than stating all the sizes,colors and brands.

b) Create a ‘site map’ of all of the pages of your site ( using SMART Ideas or Prezi). Decide which page will come up first, what it will link to and the interactivity of all pages at your site.  Site map on google docs

To hand in before proceeding to Step 5:
• Reports from Steps 2, 3 and 4

5. Design your website
Using HTML and Dreamweaver design a website using the decisions you have made in parts 1-4 above. Create a separate directory for your website in your personal workspace.  Once completed, make a copy of your website in the S: Drive.  For BONUS:  Upload your website to a service provider.

6. Test your website
Once you feel you have completed your website, test all links and images. Have someone else try your website and ask them to fill out a review of your website. Make changes (if necessary) to make your website more user friendly and error free.  For help creating a review:  http://www.virtualpet.com/industry/howto/wsreview.htm

To hand in by Due Date of ________________________
• Post the address of your website as directed by your teacher
• Share the user review from part 6 with your teacher.


Mar 27-Apr 1

Work Period – Travel Brochure Website

HTML Command Explanations – Character Styles, Lists, Horizontal Rule, Mail link, linking images,  Image Maps, File pointing, adding video, …


Apr 3

Introduction to eBusiness and eCommerce worksheet:  click here 

Cut and paste the questions into a new document, and then research using the internet to answer the questions. Be sure to follow the instructions at the top of the questions sheet.


Apr 4

eCommerce Website Assignment


Apr 5

Lesson:  Payment Methods

Continue with eCommerce Website Assignment


Apr 8

Lesson:  Shipping Methods

Continue with eCommerce Website Assignment


Apr 9

Lesson:  Creating a Site Map  

Sample:   samplesitemap.pdf a sitemap created using Smart Ideas  (you may also use Prezi although it is harder to print)

To Hand in:  Reports and printouts from  parts 1-4 of  eCommerce Website Assignment


Apr 10

Work Period: eCommerce Website Assignment  due at end of class Monday, Apr 15


Apr 11

No Class – Literacy Test Day


Apr 12

No Class – Ice Storm


Apr 15

Work Period: eCommerce Website Assignment  due at end of class Apr 16


Apr 16

Work Period: eCommerce Website Assignment  due at end of class today


Apr 17

Work Period: eCommerce Website Assignment  due at end of class today


Apr 18

1.  You have now completed your website, do one last check that all links and images work (in Chrome and/or Internet Explorer)

2.  Using Microsoft Word create a review form for a peer to use when evaluating your website.  For help creating a review:  http://www.virtualpet.com/industry/howto/wsreview.htm   Print two copies of your review.

3.  Pair up with another student and swap computers.  Complete a review form for the other website.  (Do this twice – pick two partners to swap with)

4.  Reflect on the reviews you have received and make changes you feel necessary.

5.  Upload your website to the BTA handin folder on the S: Drive (* by start of Monday’s class)


Apr 22

1.  Final hand in of Ecommerce Website to S: Drive  (Be sure to hand in the forms completed by your reviewers – mark if you made the changes suggested or if you did not make the change outline why)

2.  Complete the HTML Commands Assignment

3.  Study for tomorrow’s test on Ecommerce and HTML


Apr 23

Test:  Ecommerce and HTML

To discover more about Dreamweaver click here


——————– END OF UNIT ———————————-


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