Unit Three: Digital literacy and Ethics

Unit 3 – Digital Literacy and Ethics Issues

Learning Goals:

  • demonstrate an understanding of the terminology associated with information and communication technology including:
    • workstation termininology
    • network terminiology
    • operating systems and interfaces
    • ergonomics
    • environmental issues and ethics

Feb 28

Digital Literacy Research Assignment

Pick a topic from the linked assignment and reply to the assignment post with the topic you would like to research.    Research your chosen topic and create a presentation that will be given to the class using Microsoft Powerpoint.

Mar 1

Work Period:  Digital Literacy Research Assignment

Mar 5

Spreadsheet Test


Mar 6

Work Period:  Digital Literacy Research Assignment


Mar 7

Lesson:  Creating Effective Presentations

Work Period:  Digital Literacy Research Assignment


Mar 8

Presentation Schedule


Mar 16

Task:  Create a Peer Evaluation of Presentations Form:

Prepare a peer evaluation form (using MS Word) to use while viewing classmate presentations.

• Create a chart with 8 columns and 24 rows (1 row for title and one row for each student in class).  At the top of the first column put the heading ‘Name’.  At the top of columns 2-7 put a heading for an item your think that presenters should be aware of when presenting a slideshow.

• Examples might include:  Talking to Audience, Voice, Understanding of Content, etc.

• The last column should be titled ‘Overall’ – which is a sum of the 6 columns you used to evaluate

• Put your name at the top of the page (include Evaluated by Your Name ) and print your evaluation form.

• As the presentations are made, evaluate your peers with a rating system between 1 and 4 for each item.

• Hand in your evaluation form after at the end of presentations


Presentation Schedule


Mar 17-21

Presentations as outlined in Presentation Schedule


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